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branding Strategist, digital Media influencer, and keynote speaker.




Co-Founder of OFCOURSE, a Digital Product Development Company, Lechon Kirb is a Digital Branding Strategist, Digital Media Influencer, and Keynote Speaker.  

He gained early popularity from capturing singer/songwriter Usher, whose photos were quickly placed in the national publication, ORIGIN Magazine. Since then many other publications, media outlets, magazines, and television networks have featured his work. 

Most notable -

Red Bull, Universal, NBC, BET, VH-1, Smirnoff, Master Of The Mix, Hootsuite, Buzzfeed, Holstee, Huffington Post and more. 

Inspired by the possibilities of making a larger social impact, his current focus is around leveraging human connection and personal branding with digital products, empowering business owners and entrepreneurs with predictable selling systems to enhance their brand awareness, and influence.


"I believe this world is full of possibilities just waiting for you to discover them."

                                                            -Lechon Kirb  

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