" Stories have the power to build legends & set hearts on fire".



What does it take to build a legendary brand?

I think most people would agree that branding can be powerful. It often shapes the lens through which we see the world. However, when we talk about building a legendary brand, most people refer to branding elements; logos, websites, pictures.....and they often totally miss a huge point. Human connection.  

Many people start businesses with the intention to make money, and though that is important, intentions leave a lasting impression. The average person doesn't want to just be sold to or treated like a vending machine. People want to feel connected....and if you give them the opportunity you will make a huge lasting impact.


did you know that the average value of your customer is worth 10x the cost of the first sale?

This changes the conversation quickly doesn't it? Certainly the approach that most people take with business. A great question would be, what actions could you put in place to take full advantage of a blossoming relationship you're building through business. Systems. It's how all big businesses do it and you should too. 



It used to be that only huge companies could reach millions because they owned the distribution channels and had huge marketing budgets, however this is a very different story today. This is why savvy business owners are building DIGITAL PRODUCTs. Personal brands have a superior advantage of being able to leverage personality and connection through social media, and with the right business model you can build a legendary brand.  The game has truly changed. Did you know that according to FORBES, digital products and online courses accounted for more than $107 Billion as of 2015, only to increase from there, and according to TEACHABLE, the average person building online courses is making upwards of 45K a month.